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The Lord Sees

The year 2020 will end in just two weeks’ time. In the beginning of this year, God revealed to me that it would be a year of seeing.

Don’t idolize media

With churches entering into the media era, how are we to follow God? In 2001, I came back to Hong Kong from North America, responding to God’s call to behold His work.

Moving forward amid the Pandemic

When the government decided to cancel the exemption religious places had enjoyed with immediate effect late on Tuesday night, we responded promptly and decided for all services to go online.

Seeing God’s Hand

Thank God that the first week of the new Sower Gospel Service has already brought good news!

Welcoming the Harvests

With Morning Devotion marching on to the book of Acts, we are likewise marching on to the big harvest of souls in the coming revival.

Revival amidst Judgment

Recently all our church co-workers have completed a simple body check by an electronic scale linked to a mobile phone app, in which indices of body fat, visceral fat, muscle mass, and so on are shown.

Seeing the Unseen

Last Tuesday, the 27th Oct, my spiritual children arranged a photo exhibition titled “Seeing the Unseen” as a surprise gift for my 66th birthday.

Enter into Promise with Big Faith

Getting up one morning, I witnessed rare breath-taking sunrise scenery. The dawn light radiated upwards with its reflection resting on the tranquil sea surface.

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