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611 Tree of Life Vision

Thank God for continuously unfolding the 611 Tree of Life vision to us over the past 23 years as we keep following Him.

After receiving training at Taipei Bread of Life Christian Church in 2000, we set off to Hong Kong to find a venue to establish our church. On our way back to Taipei, God revealed the 611 vision (Isaiah 61:1) to me. When I saw the “tree of righteousness” in verse 3, I knew that the tree of righteousness was the Tree of Life, and God wanted to plant us in Hong Kong to become the Tree of Life.

In the early days, we shared the concept of the Tree of Life at a co-worker retreat. We were still in the exploratory stage then. We often led our co-workers to reflect on the issues arisen from the knowledge of good and evil in their ministry, but we still did not fully understand how to become the Tree of Life. Back then, my understanding of the Tree of Life was about life-giving, that was to learn to imitate Christ in self-denying, to understand the struggles of our co-workers, and to be more humane when making decisions. When there were conflicts among the co-workers, I learned to understand the feelings of both sides and help them communicate and let go of things they insisted.

C-Mo and I have always treated every co-worker with the core values of the Tree of Life. When arranging co-workers’ accommodation, we wanted them to enjoy life and relationships, however they were so absorbed in their ministries that they could hardly appreciate it. Facing the comparisons, high standards, and deep-rooted knowledge of good and evil among the co-workers, we had to constantly help them adjust their viewpoints. It was not until today that they have gradually discovered that only the Tree of Life point of view can truly plant the next generation and establish a powerful Tree of Life community.

I am thankful that even when I did not fully understand the Tree of Life, God kept giving me grace and inspiring me so that I could learn to love, to value life, and to continually sacrifice myself in leading the church. In 2008, when there was a divorce incident among the co-workers, it was time for me to express the guidance that God had placed within me through the core values. As we looked back, C-Mo and I saw how we had used the Tree of Life point of view to make decisions and to lead the church, so we developed nine core values of the 611 Tree of Life, which have become an important foundation for the Tree of Life vision.

Over the years, God has also used different people and things to confirm the vision of the Tree of Life to us. For instance, in our prayer walk in Israel in 2018, we met a rabbi who immediately responded to us when he learned that we were the 611 Church, saying that 611 is the Tree of Life, the numerical value of the Hebrew letters of the Torah. For another instance, when we went to South Africa this year, the tour bus happened to stop by the roadside, and there was a sculpture of the Tree of Life, as if South Africa was also welcoming the planting of the Tree of Life.

Thank God for continuously revealing the 611 Tree of Life vision to us over the years. Dear brothers and sisters, let us continue to move forward together to seek and receive, to be planted by God to become the Tree of Life that glorifies Him!■【2024.06.16】

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