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Strengthening Each Other in the Pilgrimage

Thank God for leading my spiritual parents, Pastor Nathaniel Chow and his wife, together with their team of apostles, to Hong Kong two weeks ago to have a wonderful connection with us in our Fortress Prayer Meeting and prayed with us together. Among the apostles, two couples have had a long relationship with us and we all feel very grateful to have a reunion after so many years.

The two couples are Pastor Chen Hsueh-Jen and his wife Aliah of Bread of Life Christian Church in Kee-Lung, and Pastor Chow An-Cheng and his wife Hui-Li of Bread of Life Christian Church, Spring of Life, Feng-shan in Kaohsiung, who are also the Coordinators of the North-East and South-East regions of the BOL Global Apostolic Network. I feel so grateful and touched that they had put down everything at hand and came as soon as they received Pastor Nathaniel’s call.

We hadn’t met each other for many years but he was filled with gratitude when talking about this trip as his life had benefited a lot from his connection with 611. Many years ago he and his wife joined a 611 Couples’ Camp and their relationship started to change. Their marital relationship is becoming more intimate and genuine and they have also breakthroughs in their ministry. Pastor Aliah also shared that she boldly told her husband that she longed for a more genuine love, i.e., a relationship between lovers rather than merely family members, at the re-making of their marriage vows at age 60. She challenged him that if he could not do that, then they should not make the vows. He gave her a positive response at once and from that moment their relationship has become sweeter. I am amazed at God’s wonderful work in their lives.

Pastor An-Cheng also acknowledges that C-Mo and I are visionaries. He has a deeper understanding of us now as he revisits our core values so many years later. He has not come to 611 for eight years and he has seen that the Tree of Life is growing up and spreading out its breathe. It’s so different from before. He learnt from 611 how to bring up disciples before and now he has become a father of many disciples. His relationship with his wife has also changed and he is able to listen to her needs more and his life is more joyful.

C-Mo and I are greatly encouraged after this reunion with good friends and we have shared our gratitude together. Thank God that we have such good companions in our pilgrimage. We support and strengthen each other and have a wonderful connection. Dear brothers and sisters, let us go on to follow God together and God will be surely with us in Effortless 2024.■【2024.05.05】

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