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New Wine Flowing Planting in all Nations

Thank God that we have just celebrated our 23rd Anniversary in the flow of the new wine. We were met with one climax after another in the six services over the three days. I was greatly stirred up. It was also exciting and amazing to hear Pastor Deborah’s prophecy that our vision of planting Trees of Life everywhere would be brought forward to within next ten years!

This year’s drama was about the altar of love and trust built by Abraham to offer his son Isaac. I was deeply moved by its message and God’s revelation of the truth to us has reached a new height. It was also very impressing how Ruby and her family, Eben and his family and other co-workers followed God and devoted their lives. In respect of the worship, Asaph and Debbie, the two worship leaders were waiting quietly for the breath of the Tree of Life before coming up with a new song. Based on their past experience, they believed that the Holy Spirit would surely give them the melody and the lyrics. Though they had not got the theme about the song as C-Mo only received from the Holy Spirit three days prior to the Anniversary, the process of song-writing was quite effortless for them. Debbie even said that the more they hummed the song the more new wine was flowing out, not only in Chinese, but also in English!.

I was stirred up greatly as I felt the fire in the worship and the temperature went higher and higher in one service after another! In the past when I was in Vancouver, I was wrapped up in sadness in the winter snow. Now all I witnessed was God’s faithfulness and power. The new wine was flowing not in tiny streams, but in mighty rivers. Good news kept pouring in in our Anniversary, including those on the school and the new place. We had also filmed more than 200 episodes of Following God and people from different places of the world came to us too. Though I was surrounded by dark attacks in March, God had fully restored me and I really felt the love and trust for C-Mo and me by our co-workers and brothers and sisters. We all received the flow of the new wine together.

When the worship team and the whole congregation sang Give Thanks and New Wine Flowing , I was suddenly moved to go up stage. In that split second I had no idea of what to do on stage. As soon I was on stage, I felt the heat of the whole Mercy Seat and the next second I was already dancing! My voice alone was not sufficient then. I had to use my body language to help express the prompting in me by the Holy Spirit!

In the last service, we poured the new wine into six layers of glasses prepared by co-workers which represented six generations of cell leaders. The wine flowed down from top and filled all the glasses. After this prophetic act, Pastor Deborah made a prophecy. We used to estimate that we had more than forty years left to plant the Trees of Life everywhere, but as unfolded in the prophecy, branches of the 611 Tree of Life would be established in every country and city in ten years. We were all excited to hear that!

The new wine is flowing from the Mercy Seat to all over the earth! Dear brothers and sisters, let’s keep rejoicing in excitement! Through the descendants of Abraham all the nations of the earth shall be blessed! The new wine will be flowing in our church and our lives every day and every week!■【2024.05.19】

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