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Prophetic Anointing

God said the entire Bible School would turn a new page. He shall watch over the process and take the Bible School to a higher level and a brand new territory. In this territory, more talents, warriors, and God’s generals shall be equipped.

Apostolic Anointing

Implementation of the Apostolic Anointing
.By the leading of the Holy Spirit and assistance from the church, graduates from our Leadership Institute may join with a few other graduates to establish Branch churches or Life Points; graduates from other churches return to serve their Mother churches.

Evangelistic Anointing

Exercise of the Gift of Evangelism
.Conduct a variety of Evangelical Outreach events in Prophetic evangelism, luncheon evangelism, mission trips, street evangelism, movie evangelism, and MG evangelism.
.Paying your own expenses, join short-term mission trips overseas at least once a year. (We sent 27 overseas short term mission teams of 182 people between Jan and Aug 2019)

Pastoral Anointing

Exercise of Pastoral Anointing
.Every student must be involved in a G12 church (at their own choosing or by introduction of the Institute) and be ordained as Cell Leader.
.Join a G12 Cell Group gathering twice a week (those who have yet to start their own Cell Group must sit in and observe the operation of a different Cell Group gathering, at least once a week).

Teaching Anointing

Exercise of Teaching Anointing
.Attend Morning Devotion 4 days a week to receive fresh Manna.
.Speed-read seven (7) chapters of the Bible everyday and finish reading it four (4) times within two (2) years.
.Memorize three (3) verses per week, which equals to 300 verses in two (2) years.
.Mature students can be teachers in the 611 BOL Equipping Centre.
.Mature students can take part in training several times every year, both locally and abroad.

Prophetic Anointing 2020

I saw a field where the grain was ripe, I thought it was time for harvest. However, the bottom left hand corner somehow turned black which looked like someone had put asphalt there. That small black patch was spreading out slowly.

Prophetic Anointing 2019

Moreover, God stated that there would be Bible School not only in Hong Kong, but also in Taiwan, Malaysia and many other countries. In the future, even Australia, New Zealand, America and even in Canada, Bible Schools shall be established. God shall plant His schools to train His workers in every country round the globe.