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Apostolic Anointing

Apostolic Anointing

Implementation of the Apostolic Anointing

  • By the leading of the Holy Spirit and assistance from the church, graduates from our Leadership Institute may join with a few other graduates to establish Branch churches or Life Points; graduates from other churches return to serve their Mother churches.

During pandemic, global branch churches connected to humbly repent and confess sins

May 2016, Pastor Joshua Cheung led team to Turkey, in the ruin of Laodicea Church, received the revival anointing of the Early Church.

June 2019, breakfast prayer meeting at Kneset Four generations of 611 big family including GA611, GK611, GC611 and their disciples were invited to attend Morning Prayer meeting at Kneset, Israel and prayed for Israel with one heart.

May 2017, Pastor Joshua Cheung led our steering committee to Mont Blanc, the highest peak in Europe, and blessed Europe.

October 2016, All Nations Convocation, Jewish Year 5777, Golden Gate led the way of the 12 city gates, Pastor Joshua Cheung was holding the banner of Golden Gate.

On the 7th to 9th April 2019, the Chinese Baptist Convocation and Taoyuan Christian League invited 611 BOL to hold “Team ministry training conference” in Taiwan, sharing with more than 300 pastors and co-workers from 50 churches the valuable experience in building team ministry, helping churches to build and develop church teams so that they might receive help spiritually.

Mr Sagi Karni, the Consul General of Israel in Hong Kong and Macau, attended Dedication of Sanctuary on 11th June 2014, and with lifted hands, joined pastors from nations to pray for Israel.

Pastor Joshua Cheung was invited by a Jewish Rabbi to preach in a Synagogue in Israel on 18th April 2015