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First Joint Live Broadcast of 611 Worldwide Family
All The Earth, Let Us Return To God!

Bringing the whole worldwide 611 family together, Pastor Joshua and C-Mo live-broadcasted four services over the past weekend (8th and 9th February) for the very first time. In total, 31 branch churches of 11 countries (32 churches including Hong Kong 611, the mother church) participated. Led by the pastors of five-fold ministry of our church, the whole 611 family confessed sins and prayed to God, returning to God on behalf of the whole earth as well as pleading for God’s mercy and healing.

Facing severe epidemic in Hong Kong, our church took all the necessary precautionary measures, taking body temperature of each attendant. We were thankful that brothers and sisters put on masks as recommended and stayed in good order. The participating countries included Australia, India, Japan, Malaysia, Philippine, Macau and Taiwan. With one heart, everyone received from God.

Pastor Jason kicked off depicting recent natural disasters, pest damages and plagues around the globe. Then Pastor Joshua and Pastor Deborah preached the message titled, “All the earth, let us return to God” , with reference to Malachi 4:5-6 and 2 Chronicles 7:12-16. They stated that the key to receiving healing was people returning to God and seeking Him! Finally Pastor Anna led the whole congregation to worship, pray and confess sins, moving the congregation to tears.• [2020.02.16]


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