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Pastoral Anointing

Pastoral Anointing

Exercise of Pastoral Anointing

  • Every student must be involved in a G12 church (at their own choosing or by introduction of the Institute) and be ordained as Cell Leader.
  • Join a G12 Cell Group gathering twice a week (those who have yet to start their own Cell Group must sit in and observe the operation of a different Cell Group gathering, at least once a week).

During pandemic, faithful in discipleship, new cell leaders arise




The Forth Ordination Ceremony

Pastor Debby Tam (student of the 1st Leadership Institute in 2004)
Pastor Ho Kit (Former president of Chinese Mission Seminary)
Pastor Chu Wai Kin (student of the 1st Leadership Institute in 2004)
Pastor Zoe Cheung (student of the 2nd Leadership Institute in 2005)
Pastor Grace Lau (student of the 5th Leadership Institute in 2008)
(From left to right)

In 2020, 611 has:

.210 co-workers
.1032 cell leaders
.Over 10,000 congregation members