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Evangelistic Anointing

Evangelistic Anointing

Exercise of the Gift of Evangelism

  • Conduct a variety of Evangelical Outreach events in Prophetic evangelism, luncheon evangelism, mission trips, street evangelism, movie evangelism, and MG evangelism.
  • Paying your own expenses, join short-term mission trips overseas at least once a year. (We sent 27 overseas short term mission teams of 182 people between Jan and Aug 2019)

Distributing mask on the street

70th Baptism Ceremony and the Light Musical to Celebrate Sukkot
In Sukkot of 2018, it was our first time to hold 8 baptisms and 8 performances of “The Light” musical in four days, which led 302 people to Jesus Christ and 852 people baptised.
《延伸閱讀》第70屆浸禮 神光音樂劇 慶住棚​

海上100嘉年華 Cruise Carnival ’18
On the 23rd to 28th July 2018, 611 held “Cruise Carnival 100”, taking up the whole cruise and hosting 2,600 brothers & sisters and 100 people came to Christ.

New Friends’ Happy Feast