Sadness to Joy Defeat into Victory ANEW Sunday Purim Celebration

“Acceptable 2019”, ANEW finds great “Acceptance” from God as we pulled off a musical for the very first time! The cast and crew were thrilled to bits to celebrate the Purim through the musical. The team was indeed of all nations, including members from Indonesia, the Philippines, Australia, Japan and Hong Kong. English was not our first language and yet everyone willingly and happily put in their best. The Japanese brother didn’t expect to play a role. But as he did, he thoroughly enjoyed it! With only three rehearsals before the actual performance, everyone was largely thankful to be able to […]

Fly High For Your Glory SHOOK Queen Elizabeth Stadium

On the 29-30th Nov, “Fly High For Your Glory” concert shook Queen Elizabeth Stadium to its core! A group of young people had broken through many hardships and limits to go on stage with singing, dancing, sand painting and life testimonies, offering their all to worship God; so that more than 5000 people experienced the glory of God in these two nights which were full of surprises and moved many to tears.

“The Light” Guided Thousand to Baptism Nations Presented Ingathering to God In Sukkot This Sukkot, revival was in the air of 611! From 28th September to 1st October, 8 baptisms with 8 performances of “The Light” musical were conducted at the same time for 4 consecutive days, leading 302 people to Christ and baptizing 852 people. Twenty-eight branch churches of 12 nations held baptism at the same time, making a record of baptism for a thousand. Truly, it was the most beautiful “ingathering” presented to God by nations during this festive season! People baptized came from different countries, including 33 from the Philippines, 3 from Indonesia, Nepal and 1 from the Ivory […]