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Weddings to Celebrate Sukkot – preparing for the Lord’s Return

Last weekend, we celebrated Sukkot in seven weddings, an unprecedented move! Six out of seven “Wedding of the Lamb” services were weddings of six couples, and a seventh session held 14 couples remaking their marriage vows. The Mercy Seat was jam-packed in nearly every session, and the 1st floor main hall was used as overflow area for four services.

On one hand, the seven weddings were to celebrate the birth of Jesus during Sukkot. On the other, they were an insight and a sign of faith: the wedding of the Lamb has come, Christ is to marry the Church and His bride has made herself ready (ref Rev 19:7-8). She shall reign with Him forever and ever.

God came down mightily during each wedding, which started off with trumpet blowing, scripture reading and lighting up the menorah. It was then followed by worship of the Lamb where everyone waved palm branches, worshipping in great joy! During the six weddings, virgins entered the hall with lamps in their hands while the groom waited for his bride on stage. During the wonderful singing of “Isn’t she beautiful”, the bride came into the hall. From afar, the couple gazed at each other with a longing look and great expectation. At that very moment, deep love resonated in the venue. One could not help but thinking that it was Jesus waiting for us and that we could not wait to walk towards Him!

During re-making of the marriage vows, 14 couples entered the hall and stood before the stage. Jerry Zu and Mirian Liang; Wong Yuet-fai and Lo Chung-chi; shared their hearts in public – confessing sins, giving thanks and making promises to one another. With no reservation, they told of their failing and weaknesses which was deeply moving. Through their re-making of the marriage vows, one realizes that God’s covenant with man never changes!

After the officiating and message, as the wedding closed, Pastor Joshua and C-Mo took the lamps of oil and led the congregation to sing “Give me oil in my lamp and keep me
burning…” May we all be wise virgins, may the Lord keep our lamps burning until He comes again! • [2019.10.27]