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From Acceptance to Seeing – What an Extraordinary Church Anniversary!

Due to the ongoing pandemic, there have not been any on-site worship services for three months. Thus, the 19th Church Anniversary Celebration and the musical King of Love II by the Levitical Drama team this week were still broadcast online. Since Pastor Joshua and C-mo have missed our brothers and sisters very much, they – together with all co-workers – wrote a “Family’s Love Letter” which was then posted to every of our family members before the anniversary celebration. Receiving the gift and church anniversary bulletin, many of our church family members were greatly surprised and they shared their gratitude on social media. Some were even moved to tears as they sensed the deep love and care from our spiritual parents, who had autographed the letter. It is everyone’s wish that the hardship shall end shortly, so that physical services may resume and we may worship the Lord Jesus at the Mercy Seat again.

Likewise, the Children’s Church sent gifts and interacted with the children through the game time in the children service. Meanwhile, during this extraordinary church anniversary, the children have drawn pictures of “Thanksgiving in the Pandemic” to express their gratitude for Father God’s unchanging presence and provision.

At the end of the service, Pastor Joshua used Psalm 65 to preach on God’s care of us via three great miracles: our sins are covered, we have peace in troubles, and the blessing of life is given. Through the pandemic, we understand the message “Repentance is Seeing; and Seeing is Repentance”. In the days from Acceptance to Seeing, once again we have greatly experienced God• [2020.05.17]

King of Love

Download the 19th Church Anniversary Bulletin (Chinese only)