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Fly High For Your Glory SHOOK Queen Elizabeth Stadium

Fly High For Your Glory SHOOK Queen Elizabeth Stadium

On the 29-30th Nov, “Fly High For Your Glory” concert shook Queen Elizabeth Stadium to its core! A group of young people had broken through many hardships and limits to go on stage with singing, dancing, sand painting and life testimonies, offering their all to worship God; so that more than 5000 people experienced the glory of God in these two nights which were full of surprises and moved many to tears.

It was the first time 611 Youth Army held a concert at the Queen Elizabeth Stadium and they had challenged their limits by conveying the vision of dry bones coming to life and becoming a vast army thr ough light dance.

In order for the lights on the costume to light up according to the dance and music, the co-workers wrote a program for each costume, and the dancers had to change into different costumes on stage within a small window of time. It was such a great challenge with countless difficulties that we never succeeded in rehearsals!

Therefore when the whole event came to a successful end, everyone who worked behind the scene was reduced to tears by the sheer miracle!•[2018.12.9]


神就是光,在他毫無黑暗!(約翰一書 1:5a)



讓我們為祢榮耀飛翔,Fly High For Your Glory !