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The Baptism of 341 People was Accepted Joyous Fellowship with God and Others

Hallelujah! Beach Baptism for a Thousand 2019 was successfully held on 8 Sep at Lido Beach, Ting Kau. That day, the sun was shinning while over 150 coworkers, 500 volunteers and 2000 brothers and sisters, with their invited newcomers, headed to the beach on specially rented “611” buses. Co-workers and volunteers offered themselves up to the Lord together with one heart, showing hospitality to those being baptized and new friends. Many newcomers received baptism willingly immediately after receiving prophetic prayers.

The beach was filled with joy as everyone worshipped and glorified the Lord with their singing, dancing, banner-waving and testimonies. The Presence of the Lord was strong among us. Men and women, old and young, and even domestic helpers received baptism in great delight. Everyone present shouted for joy and gratitude to the Lord for their baptism. The whole church became One Tree of Life – leading others to the Gospel so that they might be saved, be baptized unto the Lord, be accepted by God and enjoy sweet fellowship with God and man! Praise the Lord, in total, 341 people were baptized unto the Lord! May all glory and praise be unto our God! • [2019.09.15]