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Ascending 2023

耶和華上升 Ascending 2023 (詩Psalm 47) 1、全地的王叫我們上升(Ps 47:1-4; Gen 12:1-4) The King of all the earth tells us to ascend 2、全地的王已升上寶座(Ps 47:5-7; Isa 52:7) The King of all the earth has ascended to the throne 3、列邦君王作盾牌,神成為至高 (Ps 47:8-9) The kings of the nations are shields, and God is greatly exalted

Jehoshua 2022

美好的得得2021過去了,從詩篇22篇進入2022年度主題! Jehoshua 2022 耶和華拯救2022 Verse: Psalm 22 1. 羞辱中倚靠再倚靠,神是我的神 (v.1-10) In disgrace, trust upon trust that God has been my God 2. 急難中倚靠再倚靠,神已經看見 (v.11-21) In distress, trust upon trust that God has already seen 3. 我們和全地要讚美,神已拯救了!(v.22-31) We shall praise with all the earth, for God has already saved!”

Victory 2021

得勝2021 Victory 2021 Verse: Psalms 21 1。在神大能中 歡慶得勝 (v.1-6) In God’s strength, rejoice in victory 2。繼續信靠 繼續得勝 (v.7-13) Continue to trust, victory upon victory a. 信靠神同在 滅盡仇敵 (v.7-12) Trust in God’s presence, all enemies destroyed b. 信靠神大能 唱詩歌頌 (v.13) Trust in God’s strength, all will sing and praise  

Seeing 2020

看見2020 Seeing 2020 Verse: Psalms 20 一. 大大禱告求神看見 v.1-5 Pray fervently and ask God to see 二. 滿有信心我們看見 v.6-9 Full of faith we can see

Acceptable 2019

Verse: Psalms 19 1. Heavens proclaim God’s favor v.1-6 A. A silent voice declares God’s presence   v.1-4a B. An unceasing action releases the life force  v.4b-6 2. The Word of God helps people to be accepted  v.7-10 A. The Word of God is the most vibrant  v.7-9 B. The Word of God is most precious  v.10 3. It is God who makes man totally acceptable  v.11-14 A. Man is unable not to sin  v.11-12a B. Only by God’s grace man can be acceptable  v.12b-14

Return 2018

Return 2018 Speaker:Pastor Joshua Date:2018.1.6. Bible Verse: Psalm 18 Language: Cantonese、English A. God returns to me with His presence v.1-26 1.I cry out in worship v.1-2、3-6 2.God returns in His presence v.7-19、20-26 B.God’s power shines on me v. 27-34 1.God brightens me up v.27-30 2.God strengthens me v.31-34 C.God makes me return in victory v.35-50 1.Return surely in victory v.35-45 2.Praise God who returns to me v.46-50

Wonderful 2017

Verse: Psalms 98 1. Wonderful Victory v.1-3 a. The Lord has done Wonderful things v.1a b. The Lord has accomplished victory v.1b-3 2. Wonderful King v.4-6 a. All the earth shout aloud and praise Him v.4-5 b. All the earth return to the Creator v.6 3. Wonderful Renewal v.7-9 a. All things rejoice v.7-8 b. All things renew and prosper v.9

Pleasant 2016

Verse: Psalm 16 1. Start from taking refuge in God v.1-4 A. The plea to take refuge in God v.1 B. The voice of temptation v.2-3 C. The voice of Holy Spirit v.4 2. Receive in the presence of God v.5-8 A. Delight in the presence of God v.5-6 B. Dwell in the presence of God v.7-8 3. Unfold in the Salvation v.9-11 A. Rejoice in the salvation by faith v.9-10 B. Unfold the path of life v.11