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The Freedom of a Real Son

How can parents live out real faith so as to fill the generation gap? Parents always stress that they are doing “it” for the sake of their children, leaving no room for dialogue. The supposed love from family members is in fact an invisible chain.

Our disciple Jessica gave an emotional r esponse:

“During Family Breakfast Meeting, C-Mo mentioned that many of us live under law and regulation to some extent, and even unknowingly. Many times, we even justify ourselves to pr otect ourselves. I find myself behaving this way toward my children.

My elder daughter is not detail-minded – which is very unlike me. She is unable to manage daily life details, like ‘the inner garment should not be exposed.’ To me, it seems that she is unwilling to listen, and that’s why she can’t handle even such easy tasks. Being irritated by her refusal to listen, I struggle to be nice when instructing her.

Kids need to be taught. But being bound by rules, regulations and traditions, parents tend to be self-righteous, making them unable to accept who their children are. Then it is even harder for the children to change from their hearts. If the children are merely demonstrating rule-bound obedience, it will not last, and that may even ruin the parent-child relationship.”

Selin also reflected:

“When we talk about two generations returning to each other, both sides should be free and not oppressing each other. We should enable good communication in every matter: Children should be able to give input and negotiate. Parents should make reasonable demands and give room for discussion, especially in kids’ shouldering of household chores. ‘Good kids’ are limited by many stereotypes. Therefore, parents should see their children as God does, accepting their children just as they are. Sadly, some parents have been fettered in their own growing-up.”

May we encourage parents to boldly walk out of their comfort zone, and may the Spirit of Freedom of the Lord be upon us! Let us discover and expose the hidden stereotypes in our lives! Let every seedling of the Tree of Life be surrounded, permeated and saturated by the fragrance of the Tree of Life, so that they may blossom into a free and high-spirited life! • [2020.08.23]

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