This is the Day the Lord has made

這是耶和華所定的日子 This is the Day the Lord has made Verse: Psalms 118 一. 要紀念神的慈愛 v.1-4 Remember God’s kindness 二. 投靠神就能得勝 v.5-22 Take refuge in God and be victorious a. 勝過敵人的圍困 v.5-9 Overcome the seige of the enemy b. 勝過萬國的圍困 v.10-14 Overcome the seige of the nations c. 勝過死亡的圍困 v.15-18 Overcome the seige of death d. 凱旋聖殿澤萬邦 v.19-22;代下2Ch20:27-28 Return victoriously to the temple to bless the nations 三. 來到祭壇前敬拜 v.23-29 Come to the altar to worship a. 這日我要呼求神 This is the day I cry out to God v.23-25 b. 理當敬拜耶和華 Must worship the Lord v.26-29

The Tree of Life full of Authority – Thyatira

《Tree of Life Church Series》4 The Tree of Life full of Authority – Thyatira verse: Revelation 2:18-29 1. Don’t be a church with nothing but ministries v.18-23 a.With a lot of works v.18-19 b.Allow darkness to reign v.20-23 2. Be a church with authority and the morning star v.24-29 a. Walk by grace v.24-25 b. Full of authority as the son of God v.26-27; 19:15 c. Bring forth the dawn of eternity v.28; 22:16

Become a Hospitable Church

Verse: Romans 12:9-13 1. Hospitality through offering as a living sacrifice  Romans 12:9-13 2. Hospitality by faith will receive miracles Hebrews 13:1-3 3. Leaders take the lead in hospitality 1 Timothy 3:2, Titus 1:8, 3 John 1:5-8

Acceptable 2019: Jacob’s problematic household

Verse: Genesis 33:18-35:1 1. Wrong – Avoid the path of faith  v.33:18-34:4 2. Wrong again – Walk the path of the world  v.34:5-29 3. Following God by faith is never wrong  v.34:30-35:1

Mark 8

Mark 7

The 611 Vision is about to Fulfill

Bible Verse:Nehemiah 6-8 1、God wants His people to fill the earth  7:1,4-8,7:66-73 A. Every person is used by God B. Every dollar is used by God C.  Each bit of Strength is used by God 2、The era of the Tree of Life has begun  8:1-8,17-18 3、Tree of Life planting shall complete in 52 years  6:15-16

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