《Ten Commandments》
8th, 9th, 10th Commandment – Sermon 6

Realign and become Hannah

C-Mo Delphine Cheung, Pastor Ruby Kwok
1 Samuel 1-2

  1. Treat God as God, Confide in God (1:1-18)
    a. Pour out her heart in deep anguish (1:12-16)
    b. No longer downcast with simple faith (1:17-18)
  2. Remembered by God, integrated and thankful (1:19-2:10)
    a. Remembered by God, offered for life (1:19, 22, 28)
    b. Lifted up by God, sing the song of salvation (2:1-10)
  3. Continue to believe, continue to let go (2:11-26)
    a. Do not lose faith in face of the world (2:11-17)
    b. Spread love and let go, blessings never ceased (2:18-21, 26)