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你的烏托邦系列一 我的快樂時代 Your-topia 1: My happy generation 屬天的快樂時代 Heavenly happy generation (太Matt 16:24-28) 1. 捨棄地上「烏托邦」 Let go of earthly “Utopia” (太Matt 16:24-26) 2. 屬天選擇經歷天國 Choose the heavenly, experience the Kingdom (太Matt 16:27-28)


我想你知 … I want you to know… 路加福音 15:25-32 一、關係隔離,很辛苦 (v25-32) Alienated in relationship is awful 1. 沒有靠近,似雇工 (v26) Not getting close just like a servant 2. 沒有表達,好壓抑 (v28) Not expressing just very suppressive 二、要相信,愛是出路 Believe love is the way out 1. 孩子,真感覺要說出口(v29-30) Children speak out your true feelings 2. 父母,動慈心開口勸勉 (v31-32) Parents guide them compassionately


我感謝你 I want to thank you

我們這一家 We are family:我明白你

我明白你 I know you 講員:國成牧師、亦駿族長 Speaker: Pastor Barnabas, Pastor Joash 一、作兒子,勇敢表達 As a son, express courageously 二、作父親,勝過虧欠 As a father, triumph over debt

It’s time to stand firm

It’s time to stand firm 周亦駿族長 MG leader Joash 1. 站在對的位置 Stand in the right spot (但 Dan 1:8-9) 2. 堅持對的行動 Hold on to the right actions (但 Dan 2:11-12,17-18, 6:7,9-10,23) 3. 聆聽對的聲音 Listen to the right voice (但 Dan 1:21,2:19,7:1,9:1,10:1)

Time to Trust

題目:Time to trust 患難中信靠神 Trust God during difficult times 經文:但以理書 Dan 3:8-30 講員:孫明真傳道 Pastor Esther 一) 目光專注仰望神 (V.8-12) Fix your eyes on God 二) 持續識神長信心 (V.13-18) Keep knowing God increase in faith 三) 神蹟同在被提升 (v.19-30) Miracles, God’s presence and promoted

It’s Time to Help

It’s time to help 患難中互相扶持成為安慰人的器皿 講員:許靜族長、許國之族長 MG leader Joey, MG leader Calvin 經文:林多後書一章 1-6節 2 Cor 1:1-6 一.        站對你的位置V1-2 Stand at the right position 二.        摸著父神的心V3  Feel the Father’s heart 三.        得著安慰秘技V4-6 The secret to receiving comfort

Time to see

Time to see 李浩然 Co-worker Tim 1. Time to open: 完全敞開,相信不放手 (詩13:1-2, 5-6; 88:13, 18) 2. Time to see: 困苦中看見神的心 (羅5:3-5) 人生育成四步曲 第一: 生忍耐 第二: 生老練 第三: 生盼望 第四: 更深領受神的愛


得着超乎萬民的智慧 (創 41) Receive wisdom above the nations Joanne 族長 MG leader Joanne 一、領受屬天智慧,進入豐盛命定 Receive heavenly wisdom, enter into prosperous destiny 1. 放下包袱,重新出發 (創Gen 41:1, 14) Lay down our burden, start over again 2. 解難解惑,顯神榮耀 (創Gen 41:15-16) Resolve difficulties, reveal God’s glory 3. 展現智慧,開拓出路 (創Gen 41:17-45) Demonstrate wisdom, show a way out 二、活出超凡智慧,祝福列國萬邦 (創41:46-49)

有神同在 逆境無懼

有神同在 逆境無懼 With God, be fearless in adversity 黃偉強族長 MG leader Wai Keung 1. 有神同在 凡事盡都順利 With God, succeed in everything 2. 有神同在 跨越人生低谷 With God, overcome life’s valleys 3. 有神同在 成就更美祝福 With God, become a greater blessing

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