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你好我好,關係好? You’re good, I’m good, our relationship’s good?   (一) 勇敢撞擊~堅啊! (11:27,12:1) Bravely challenge~so true!   (二)    撞出關係~真啊!  (V13-14,24-25) Relationships built through challenges~so real!


牧養建立真兒子 Discipleship raise true sons   一,為父的牧養 Disciple as a father 1.滿有憐憫 – Full of Mercy 2.欣賞Being – Value being 3.愛與信任 – More love more trust   二,真心作兒子 Be true sons 對齊殷勤受教 – Be diligent and teachable 感恩領受託付 – Give thanks for receiving what is entrusted 除去世俗比較 Get rid of godless competition


講題:得著以利亞的外袍(王上19:15-21) Receive the mantle of Elijah   相信神的呼召 (王上19:15-19) Believe God’s calling   為神甘心放下(王上19:19-20) Willingly lay down for God   謙卑跟隨到底(王上19:21) Humbly follow till the end


講題:進入屬天避風港(詩27:9-14)   1.尋求父的保護27:9-12 2.相信父的恩惠27:13 3.等候父的應允27:14


講題:移民新國度 (太Matt 6:25、27、31-33) Immigrate to the new kingdom   留在憂慮非出路(太Matt 6:25、27) Remaining in worries is not a way out   移民天國為上策(太Matt 6:31-33) Better to immigrate to the Kingdom)

走出壓抑,shall we talk?

講題:走出壓抑,shall we talk? Walk out from suppression, shall we talk? (撒上1 Sam 1:1-18) 一. 有口難言,愁眉苦臉!(v1-9) Grief indescribable, such a long face! 二. 傾心吐意,眉開眼笑!(v10-18) Speak your mind, radiate with smiles! A. 對神不壓抑 Don’t be suppressed before God B. 對人要表達 Express yourself to people

我家是Best Team

我家是Best Team My Family is Best Team 一. 走向合一,神看為好 God sees unity as good(詩Psalms 133:1) 1. 認識、欣賞和接納家人的獨特 To know, appreciate and accept the uniqueness of your family members 2.擁抱自己的家庭角色 To embrace the different roles of the family 二. 行出愛來,神必同在(約一 1 John 4:12) Practicing love, God is with you


原來祂足夠愛我 He actually loves me enough 經文:番 Zeph 3:17 1、 大能拯救的勇士 A mighty warrior who saves 2、默默付出的暖男 A gentleman who gives quietly 3、高調放閃的情人 A high profile lover


成功之道 Road to success 1. 美名恩寵 是成功 v1 Good name and favor is success 2. 自我價值 保成功 v2 Self-esteem keeps success 3. 智慧選擇 更成功 v3 Wise choices bring more success 4. 謙卑靠神 最成功 v4 Trust God humbly is the greatest success

Two Generation,One Way!

Two Generation,One Way! (提前4:11-16) 一) Two Generation彼此需要(提前4:13-14) 二) One Way拯救世代(提前4:15-16)

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