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Receive the Double Blessings of Jesus Among Us

領受耶穌的雙重祝福 Receive the Double Blessings of Jesus Among Us   講員:何傑牧師 Pastor Ho Kit 日期:2020.10.17 語系:粵(Cantonese)、英(English) 經文:約 John 1:19-34   聽,曠野的呼聲 v. 19-28 Listen, The Voice of Wilderness   看,神的羔羊 v. 29-31 Behold, The Lamb of God   看,聖靈如鴿子 v. 32-34 Behold, The Spirit Like a Dove

Christ was born in Feast of Tabernacles

基督降生在住棚 Christ was born in Feast of Tabernacles   講員:張恩年牧師 Pastor Joshua Cheung 日期:2020.10.03 語系:粵(Cantonese)、英(English) 經文:約翰福音 John 1:1, 14, 18; 7:37-39   一、道就是神,成了肉身,住棚我們中間 (約1:1, 14上) The Word was God; The Word became flesh and tabernacled among us   二、世人看見基督看見神 (約1:14中,18) The world saw Christ and have seen God   三、信心領受恩典和真理 (約1:14下;7:37-39) By faith, receive grace and truth

Deep Lament, Great Thanksgiving

至深呼喊,至大感恩! Deep Lament, Great Thanksgiving   講員:何傑牧師 Pastor Ho Kit 日期:2020.09.19 語系:粵(Cantonese)、英(English) 經文:羅馬書 Romans 7:14-25   罪,非我所明 v.14-17 Sin, Not that I Understand   罪,非我所願 v.18-20 Sin, Not that I Want   罪,非我能拒 v.21-23 Sin, Not that I Can Resist   深深感謝神 v.24-25 Thanks be to God

Identify the power of sin

認清罪的權勢 Identify the power of sin   講員:張妙禪牧師 Pastor Anna Chang 日期:2020.09.12 語系:普(Mandarin)、英(English) 經文:創世記 Genesis 4:1-16   一、不中神的(創4: 1-7) Missing God’s target   二、過猶不及(創4: 8-12) Too much or not enough   三、扭曲(創4:13-16) Twisted

Man’s realization

男人的看見 Man’s realization   講員:何長俊牧師 Pastor Johnny 日期:2020.09.06 語系:普(Mandarin)、英(English) 經文:創Gen 2-3   大綱: ㄧ、天生獨居,哪不好?創2:18 Born alone, what is not good about it?   二、天起涼風,沒處跑!創3:8-10 In the cool of the day, nowhere to run!   三、看見幫助,神真好!創3:20-21 See the helper, God is good!

Wow ! Arise in the darkness

嘩!從黑暗中興起! Wow ! Arise in the darkness   講員:董帖心牧師 Pastor Deborah 日期:2020.08.29 語系:普(Mandarine)、英(English) 經文:以賽亞書 Isaiah 60:1-22   大綱   一、黑暗中的盼望(v1-2) Hope in the darkness   二、有神有盼望(v3-14) With God comes hope   三、經過黑暗進入榮耀(v15-22) Through darkness into glory

Be a true helper

成為真正的幫助者 Be a true helper 經文:創GEN 3, 4:7   一、小心不滿(創3:1-7) Beware of discontent 1.不滿神(v1-8) Discontent with God 2. 不滿自己(v4-7) Discontent with self   二、小心戀慕(v8-16;4:7) Beware of obsessive desire   三. 帶出生命(3:20-24) Be life-giving

Following God in adversity

逆境中跟隨神 Following God in adversity   講員:段樹仁傳道 Pastor Jason 日期:2020.08.15 語系:普(Mandarin)、英(English) 經文:創Gen 26:1-25   大綱: 一、相信神同在 (v1-6) Trust God’s presence   二、相信神保護 (v7-11) Trust God’s protection   三、相信神祝福(v12-25) Trust God’s blessings

Beloved Son

蒙愛的兒子 Beloved Son 講員:潘國成牧師 Pastor Barnabas 經文:出埃及記 Exodus 15:22-27 1. 人生必經歷考驗15:22-25a Life must be tested 2. 最重要聽神的話15:25b-26 Listen to God is most important 3. 至終必得享安息15:27 Shall enjoy rest at the end

Great Fathers Live by Example

活出榜樣真父親 Great Fathers Live by Example 講員:王建勝牧師 Pastor Jason 經文:帖前1Th 2:9-12 大綱: 一、傳真道 不加重擔(v9) 1.Preach the Truth, not to impose burden 二、看重being有見證(v10) 2. Value “being” with testimonies 三、叫孩子 對得起神(v11-12) 3. Raise children worthy of God

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