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Set our hearts on things above

當求上面的事 Set our hearts on things above 董帖心牧師 Pastor Deborah 歌羅西書3:1-17 一、當求上面的事(v1-4) Set our hearts […]

Rejoice greatly in the Lord

《Effortless 2024》The 4th Sermon
Pastor Joash Chow
Pastor Crystal Tsang
Philippians 4:1-13

Effortless 2024

1. Unafraid in the Refuge
2. Unshaken in the presence of God
3. Effortless in the work of God

Ascend again in grace

1. Return to the beginning and call on God again
2. Lay aside interests and trust that God reigns
3. See the promises, arise and follow

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