Verse: Proverbs 19:1-12; 20-23

1. Not be covetous v. 1-3
a. Walk in integrity and not be afraid of lack v.1
b. Banish the greedy soul v.2
c. Be cautious of becoming someone against God v.3

2. Not relying on friends v. 4-7
a. Wealth attracts false friends v.4a,6
b. Poverty loses close friends v.4b,7
c. Trust God and tell the truth v.5

3. Having God and wisdom in the heart v.8-10
a. Have God in the heart and receive life v.8a,9
b. Cherish understanding and prosper v.8b,10

4. Slow to anger v.11-12
a. Don’t get angry ourselves v.11
b. Don’t make the king angry v.12

5. Listen to advice and become wise v.20-23
a. Follow God with our hearts v.20-21
b. Desire God’s Kindness v.22
c. Fear God and rest content v.23