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Plant the Tree of Life Community Everywhere to Display Life in Eternity Now!

遍植生命樹群體 展現永恆生命於現在! Plant the Tree of Life Community Everywhere to Display Life in Eternity Now! 天地之約 Covenant of Heaven and Earth 一. 遍植生命樹群體 (啟21:22-22:2a) Plant the tree of life community (Rev 21:22-22:2a KJV) 二. 展現永恒生命於現在(啟22:2b-3a) Display life in eternity now (Rev 22:2b-3a KJV)

Be the Stand-firm Tree of Life

成為屹立不倒生命樹 Be the Stand-firm Tree of Life 進窄門,不隨眾(太Matt 7:13-14) Do not follow the crowd – Enter by the narrow gate 美好生命結好果,不虛浮(太Matt 7:15-24) Do not pursue vanity – A good life bears good fruit 建房磐石上,不求易(太Matt 7:25-27) Do not seek an easy way – Build a house on the rock

Arise! Become a 360° Tree of Life

Arise! Become a 360° Tree of Life Scriptures: Matt 5:13-48 1. Being: salt, light (v.13-16) 2. Integrate: Integrated, not divided (v.17-20) 3. Connect: The relationship shall be perfect (v.21-48) 起來!成為360度生命樹 經文:太5:13-48 ㄧ、Being:是鹽、是光(v.13-16) 二、Integrate:整合不分割(v.17-20) 三、Connect:關係要完全(v.21-48)

Covenant of Heavens and Earth

Verse: Malachi 4:1-6 1. 得醫治 Be healed (v.1-3) 2. 作王子 Be a prince (v.4) 3. 作父親 Be a father (v.5-6)

A Song of life

《生命樹核心系列1》 生命之歌 A Song of life Verse: Psalm 113 1. 讚美 Praise (v.1-3) 2. 神坐 God sits (v.4-6) 3. 我坐 I sit (v.7-8) 4. 你坐 You sit (v.9)

The Vision of Tree of Life Shall Declare Completion

Bible Verse: Nehemiah 6-12 1.The Vision of Tree of Life has been launched A. 615.52 as the Completion of the vision 6:15-16 B. 611.724 as Signs of launching out  9:1-8 2. The Vision of Tree of Life is Torah A.Reading Aloud the Torah (611) 8:1-3, 14-18 B.Repenting, Returning and Consecrating  9:32-38; 10:28-31 3. The Vision of Tree of Life Shall be Completed A. 52 years of continuous effort  12:1, 10-11, 26 B.Dedication of Completion is a Joyous Celebration  12:27-31, 36-40, 43 C.Dedicating Big Offerings to Multiply the Tree of Life  12:43-47

The 611 Vision is about to Fulfill

Bible Verse:Nehemiah 6-8 1、God wants His people to fill the earth  7:1,4-8,7:66-73 A. Every person is used by God B. Every dollar is used by God C.  Each bit of Strength is used by God 2、The era of the Tree of Life has begun  8:1-8,17-18 3、Tree of Life planting shall complete in 52 years  6:15-16

The Tree of Life’s Way of Success

Verse: Proverbs 22:22-29; 23:1-11 1. Four Warnings against Destruction 22:22-28 No! Exploitation or Crushing v.22-23 No! Hot-temper or Rage v.24-25; 29:22 No! Pledge or Security v.26-27; 17:18 No! Moving Ancient Boundary v.28; Deuteronomy 27:17 2. Four Traps in Pursuing Success 23:1-9 Feast with a Ruler v.1-3 Glance at Riches v.4-5 Meal with a Begrudging Host v.6-8 Foolish People v.9 3. Beware: God will Defend 22:23; 23:11 4. Serving Diligently is the Right Way 22:29; Ezra 7:6

Quality Education of Tree of Life

Verse: Proverbs 22 1. Make choices of values  v.1-6 a. Train to walk in decisions of faith v.6 2. Sow to reap v.7-11 a. Attitude determines whom the king be with friends v.10-11 3. Be open-minded v.12-16 a. Effectively drive out deceits v.15 4. Rely on God v.17-21,29 a. Trusting the Lord is the assured truth v.19-21 b. The result: you will stand before kings v.29

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