Verse: Psalms 107

1. Praise the Lord for His wonderful kindness v.1-32
a. Give thanks for God’s kindness and wonders v.1,8,15,21,31
b. Let the redeemed say so v.2-3
b1. He is the wonderful guide: Let us out of wandering v.4-9
b2. He is the wonderful deliverer: Chains were broken v.10-16
b3. He is the wonderful healer: Rescued us from the grave v.17-22
b4. He is the wonderful ruler: Stilled the storms and waves v.23-32

2. God’s wonderful kindness over all created things v.33-41
a. Change the land v.33-34
b. Give wonderful blessings v.35-38
c. Raise up also cast down v.39-41

3. Start anew in God’s wonderful kindness v.42-43