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Take Off the Old and Put On the New Self

Our Lunar New Year’s services were full of happiness and joy and we took the prophetic action of taking off the old coat and putting on the new one to welcome the new year. Putting on the new coat represents our lives being transformed by the renewing of our mind in following God. We can only follow Him effortlessly when we have laid down our old mindsets and burdens.

Pastor Ho’s life is becoming more and more effortless as he has taken off his old self. Once he heard a seminary lecturer say that a man becomes simpler the longer he stays in the Lord. He was stunned. Theological study is a process of complicating theological beliefs and thoughts, how could being simple and pure be possible? The key to his life transformation lies in following the voice of the Holy Spirit. In a Call to All cell leaders’ meeting, he participated in acting out the performance of the band The Wynners. He had managed to overcome his initial reluctance and got himself totally involved. Finally he was all in laughter and that helped him shake off his old mindset. Being simple and pure means putting down all kind of old mindsets.

As Ps Deborah is living with Pastor Jason and Pastor Anna, inevitably, they clash from time to time. Growing up under her father’s whips, Deborah was well-trained to obey various rules of living. As a result, she would be judgmental and angry when others break the rules, causing tension in relationships.

This reminds me of some couples who cannot get along well with each other even though living under the same roof. They cook separately and sleep separately. In recent news, a sad fatal tragedy happened as a couple fought with each other. Weren’t they tied together by love? Led by selfishness, self-centeredness and worldly thoughts, they had gradually walked to the extremes. If we do not lay down our old mindsets, we will have difficulty even in communicating with others, let alone following God.

Are we also following God with lots of old mindsets? Recently it was freezing in Hong Kong and it was too cold for butterflies to fly. A butterfly flew by me and I said to him, “My dear butterfly, God loves you! I know that you are dying. Come to my hand and feel my warmth.” Soon as I spoke, I felt God’s presence. All I did was loving the earth in following God. Then it did fly onto my hand! I took a photo of him immediately.

In general mindset, butterflies are afraid of man. However, when we believe in God and believe that we have His image and the whole creation obeys us as told by the Bible, we will see that the earth will truly obey us when the whole universe has received salvation. One day all things will come to unity in Christ. Dear brothers and sisters, let’s put down all kind of old mindsets in life and when we do that in following God, we will enjoy happiness in our relationships with others and in families and be effortless in following Him!■【2024.02.25】

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