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Be Effortless to Fulfill God’s Will

In “Effortless 2024”, we shall learn to let go and let God work. Actually, it is not easy and it takes time to move from being effortful to effortless. Being effortful in the past, Pastor Deborah and Pastor Debby, our unbound prophetesses, have strong feelings on this topic.

When Deborah was the power ministry department head, she demanded co-workers to be professional and anointed because she knew all the details. She even memorized the whole healing camp rundown. If a co-worker didn’t take action in time, she would not be slow to hint him. In her inner value system, everything should be done at its best. If she didn’t make effort or offer herself, she would be deemed unfaithful. She put a lot of pressure on herself and others. She suppressed herself while being judgmental and critical to others. It was also hard for her to admit her weaknesses before her authority as she did not want to be looked down on. All these years, C-Mo and I have never chased her regarding ministry. We still accept her even though she is not leading a department anymore. Finally, she feels our love and approval and then her love and trust to us grow and she can be more effortless.

In the past, Debby had a motto – always give the best to God. Hence, she wanted the best in everything she did, setting a high standard for herself and others. The truth is, she had a lot of fears inside: fear of being blamed and losing control. It drove her to keep putting in all effort possible. She spent over a decade leading the Youth Church and she rarely took any leave. As a result, her co-workers followed her example. Even before the end of her maternity leave, she couldn’t wait to come back to work. Now she has realized that she was not relying on God at the time. Rather, she pursued personal achievement and the sense of value. She and her co-workers were struggling, unable to be effortless.

We have been reading the book of Job in Morning Devotion. At the end, God spoke to Job, asking him to prepare himself like a man. Everything in heavens and on earth has been created by God and He rules over the entire universe. He was in full knowledge of Job’s situation. Sending Job to wage the spiritual battle, God took care of everything. Job shall be anxious about nothing. Likewise, we shall be anxious about nothing. We can hardly move forward if we hold everything tightly. We might even end up crawling on the ground. However, God wants us to become trees of life. Therefore, we must let God be God – be effortless and be fearless. Only then can God lead us to the height He desires. Everything is in His hand. Let us live everyday effortlessly so that the will of God shall be fully accomplished.■【2024.02.18】

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