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Responding to the Calling of “One Tree of Life”

Thank God that after the trip to Mount Sinai, the Holy Spirit led me to receive the calling of “One Tree of Life” and to perceive God’s higher thoughts in the book of Ephesians during the Pentecost services, so that He will be glorified.

We had no idea how God would work as we planned for the global online services with branch churches on Pentecost Sunday. After our trip to Mount Sinai, the Holy Spirit suddenly opened up revelations on Ephesians to me to enable me to see new heights as never before. The calling in Chapters 1-3 of Ephesians is for us indeed to become a tree of life and His inheritance, so that He will be glorified. This is actually the vision of 611. Things are becoming much clearer as I read Ephesians from this perspective. Thinking back on how the Holy Spirit has led us to connect with branch churches, I am greatly amazed by His work.

Senior Pastors Esther and Amos of our GA 611 branch in Malaysia have been following us for 20 years. Thank God that they are arrows in our quiver. This trip to Mount Sinai came as a result of their invitation. They have branches in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Africa, and India. They led all these branches to join our global online services on Pentecost Sunday to receive the message from the mother church. We become one body and one tree of life, surpassing race, geographical boundaries, languages and cultures. It’s so wonderful!

They came unexpectedly to Hong Kong to be with us after the Pentecost. After they had heard the “One Tree of Life” message, they knew that they should come to deal with the tension in their relationship with us to remove any obstacles. As they were willing to be true and open, we had the opportunity to deal with the issue. We have got much closer to each other after frank communication and we are more like One Tree of Life now. Actually Esther tends to be suppressed and a suppressed person is difficult to become a tree of life. This time she is very brave and has made a big breakthrough. We feel very grateful for her.

Esther is already a senior pastor. During this trip she has received that she should also be a C-Mo. Not long ago when they went to establish their branch in Ghana, Africa, they explicitly stated on their poster that they would ordain a C-Mo. It was a big encouragement to us. We see that a tree of life with its culture is planted in Ghana! Back in 2016, we ordained the first C-Mo in our branches. At that time we received that C-Mo was the mother of a church and had an important position. A church without C-Mo is like a single-parent church. In March this year, we went to Osaka in Japan to ordain Katsura as C-Mo too. For the first time, it is stated on the Ordination Certificate that C-Mo is the mother of the church. The role played by C-Mo is clearer and clearer. I see the idea of a tree of life implemented in action. This is truly the work of the Holy Spirit.

Thank the Holy Spirit for His Presence and He has chosen to reveal us the calling of “One Tree of Life” at this very moment. Dear brothers and sisters, may all of us respond to the calling of becoming “One Tree of Life” and God’s inheritance so that God will be glorified!■【2023.06.11】

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