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Becoming ONE Tree of Life

Last week we connected with all the branch churches online during the Pentecost services, the Holy Spirit gave us a new revelation: God calls us to be ONE Tree of Life. Not only should we become trees of life, but we must also endeavour to keep the “ONENESS” of the Spirit in the bond of peace so that the Body of Christ may be built up and we shall become ONE Tree of Life.

This is truly exciting to me because since my study in the seminary, I have been studying the book of Ephesians from the theologian, J.I. Packer. A few decades have passed, the Holy Spirit leads us to new heights so that we may receive God’s calling through it. As our connections with the branch churches are growing closer, I believe the Will of God for us to become ONE Tree of Life shall surely be fulfilled!

New Crop 611 and Wonderful 611, our two branch churches in Hong Kong have been walking closely with us. Ps Adino and C-Mo Loretta, the in-charge of New Crop 611 were truly touched hearing the message. Actually, during their 40-day fasting and prayer, they reminded their brothers and sisters to be vigilant –do not walk the way of the world, instead they should embark on the journey of Following God, knowing their identities. This just matched the mother church’s message. Hearing the message online, they continued to pursue the infilling of the Holy Spirit. May the Lord strengthen them to move toward the goal of the Tree of Life as they shine for God.

Ps K.W, the in-charge of Wonderful 611 also reflects on how to walk the “Five-fold Walk” in the likeness of Christ after hearing the message. God healed him of cancer last year. Now, he is born again, he is willing to receive help from his wife and strives to respond to God’s call. He hopes to return home in the coming days and walk in the Tree of Life. His wife, Louisa is well pleased seeing him admitting his weaknesses and leading brothers and sisters to change. Surely their church is full of hope. Meanwhile, Louisa was moved to tears as she learned that her brother Joe and sister-in-law Stella living in Australia will be the in-charge of Favor 611, our branch church in Australia. Her own family once served idols. She had never imagined that the four siblings would turn to Christ and are now serving God and being used by God mightily as they responded to God’s calling.

Mr and Mrs Adino, Mr and Mrs K.W, the siblings of Louisa are our disciples who have followed C-Mo and I for a dozen of years. They are discipled, changed and matured. Now they are in charge of our branch churches, how thankful I am for them. I also realise that God gathers all vessels who are willing to respond to His calling.

May we receive and respond to the calling. Together, we go on the way of Tree of Life, continue to be mightily used by God and plant trees of life everywhere!■【2023.06.04】

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