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Appear before God at Mount Sinai

Having heard about the Neom Project which Saudi Arabia is undertaking, C-Mo and I led a company of twelve to Mount Sinai in Saudi Arabia last month. This project will greatly change the landscape in the vicinity of Mount Sinai and may even bury some historical sites. Hence, we seized the opportunity to go and pray to God at these biblical sites.

I believe God brought us there to connect with Him on Mount Sinai. Arriving at the hotel, I looked out of the window and saw the sun broke through amongst the clouds. Immediately, I captured the moment. In the following days, I didn’t see any such cloud again. Then I learned that clouds are rare in the wilderness. But there were sun rays above the cloud which I had seen, just like the pillar of cloud in the wilderness. Therefore, I believe God was revealing to us that He would guide our every step.

How thankful we are that in “Ascending 2023” we ascended Mount Sinai where God gave the 10 Commandments. And it so happened that we have been preaching on the 10 Commandments in our main services. Mount Sinai is very high, so we had to climb up the mountain using our hands and feet. Despite the difficult journey, we reached the middle of the mount and successfully visited different biblical sites.

My deep gratitude to God was that the wellness of our team had ascended. C-Mo used to be very fragile. She was hospitalised often, easily tired and showed no interest in hiking. However, she was always the first in this hike. Moreover, she filled Mount Sinai with the sound of the shofar as she also proclaimed the “Dividing of the fish” of the “Heartified Commandments”. Ps Deborah would have struggled to do the hike, had she not lost weight. This time, C-Mo and her were leading the way, fully energised, all by God’s Grace. Upon reaching Mount Sinai, I was prompted to draw close to God through singing and dancing there. To me, it was extremely difficult to sing publicly. Yet, when I worshipped God with new songs and sang out the melody to the Lord in His presence, I was deeply aware that God was pleased with what everyone gave.

Praise the Lord, we greatly experienced God’s revelation and guidance in this trip to Mount Sinai. We shall continue to share with you what we have seen. May what we have received and prayed for, turn into blessings for brothers and sisters and the whole earth.■【2023.05.21】

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