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Man, Return Home!

Thank God! Man Return Home (Part 1)was published in 2021. After much effort, after two years, Part 2 has been published on the eve of the 22nd church anniversary.

These two books are an amalgamation of our understanding of the Truth, for the discipleship of men and women. Therefore, they are precious to us.

The book is the fruit of teamwork. Those co-workers who participated have benefited a lot as they understood and learnt a lot from it. Unknowingly, they themselves return home in love and trust. Ivan, who did the illustrations for the book, was very quiet when he first joined the book-writing. His presence was almost unnoticeable. Due to fear toward the authorities, he was very suppressed. In recent years, he has faced a lot of challenges. C-Mo and I kept encouraging him while his authorities, co-workers and other members walked and supported him. Gradually, love and trust were built in him. Now, he is able to express his opinions boldly and start to make suggestions. This was a major breakthrough in his life as well as the first step for him to return home. I am well pleased with his change.

Tian Hui, one of our writing staff, was serious about the task at hand, faithful, but with many questions and fears at work. During the book-writing period, the truth was internalised in her life. She now walks toward the Tree of Life, joined by her family, co-workers and cell members. When she looked back, after the completion of the whole book, she was in tears as she realised the abundance of what God had already prepared for her.

Pastor Grace, who oversees book-reading, was deeply moved too. She was dubious after hearing the story of the Garden of Eden when she was young, wondering why God banished Adam from the Garden of Eden. After reading this book, she understands that leaving is so that they can return home. God has prepared His salvation plan, wanting us to receive His love. After holding seven to eight book-listening sessions, she witnessed how brothers had changed and made breakthroughs. Actually men and women are both meant to return home. She felt deeply that we can only closely follow God through love and trust.

I was not able to write this book by myself. The content is from God and is birthed in the Tree of Life community. We disciple more than two hundred co-workers and many branch churches and have held many couples’ camps. Under these circumstances, we put the Truth into practice and understood the Truth more. In addition, the Holy Spirit was leading us and we received insight through Morning Devotions. Combined with my personal growth and experience, this book was written. The book is not long, but there are a lot of illustrations, helping us, young and old, to enter into the Truth.

One man returns home, his wife blossoms like a flower,
One pastor returns home, the church has a mother,
All men return home, creation glorifies Heavenly Father!

“Man, return home!” It is God’s calling to us all. May every brother humbly come before God, willingly accept his wife’s help as well as the church’s discipleship and embark on the journey of Tree of Life home-coming!■【2023.05.14】


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