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The Vision of Planting Will Be Fulfilled

On March 1 I was sharing with the Bible School students how we had received the vision of “Planting Trees of Life Everywhere in 52 Years” several years ago and right on that date the government lifted the mask mandate. It seems that God is confirming us that it’s time now to proclaim the gospel and plant the Trees of Life all over the earth!

Our church received this vision on July 18, 2018 when we started the Cruise Carnival and that date was June 11 on the Chinese calendar. Seventy years later from that date, it will be July 18, 2070 and exactly June 11 on the Chinese calendar! The timing is marked by God. On the Cruise we all signed on the covenant with God together, determined to participate in the fulfillment of the vision. Today five years later, we passed it on at the Bible School. Our teachers led the students to make the covenant with God again. We signed our names and made offerings and devoted ourselves into the vision.

Though five years have passed and we were unable to travel abroad due to the pandemic for three years and the vision seemed difficult to fulfill, God has made use of the media to help us spread our messages further and with more impact through programs including Following God and Mama’s Kitchen, Sunday service messages, online Bible School, as well as the online Sewer Course and other equipping courses. Such is God’s wisdom and we need just to follow Him as He will fulfill all that pertain to Him.

Today five years later, Pastor Deborah has received this: I see amid all the darkness a fire falls down from heaven, attracting people from all nations, bringing flags with them. God says, “My Spirit, My anointing and My presence are here as it pleases me well. The vision of Planting of Trees of Life Everywhere in 52 Years is given by me to 611 as well as to all the earth.” Trumpets start to sound from all around and God says, “Gather!” An anointing of gathering all nations will come and people will come here to receive the fire and then run all over the places. I see the whole globe with buildings all over and there is a flag at the top of each building. God says, “I will come to save the earth. I will become the Lord over the earth and over all kings of the nations.” The vision will be surely fulfilled as it is from God’s Spirit and will.

God has used many astrological phenomena and circumstances to confirm the vision and over three thousand people of our church in the Cruise have participated in and entered it. Today at the Bible School, not only locally in Hong Kong, but also all online students and branch church pastors have come to receive it and will pass it to the whole earth. Dear brothers and sisters, we are all in the vision. Let’s respond to God and plant Trees of Life everywhere!■【2023.03.19】


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