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Family Relationship Ascends as God Ascends

Dear brothers and sisters, happy Lunar New Year! Shalom! In Ascending 2023, may our family relationship ascend too. Thank God that our co-workers are experiencing this under the Tree of Life and ascending more and more in their families and clans.

I still remember Crystal, the Youth Army head, was very broken secondary student with low self-esteem when she first came to 611. All she hoped was to get one mark in the public exam. She was a little sister in her family, with no courage to talk about the good news, let alone sharing the Tree of Life nutrients with her family. However, in Ascending 2023, she is also ascending – not only is she pastoring young people at church, but she is courageous enough to pastor her senior relatives. To celebrate her daughter’s 100th-day of birth, she prepared a banquet by herself as the hostess for a total of 16 relatives who were her senior. She honoured them as well as sharing God’s work boldly at the dining table. Moreover, she took the initiative to draw close to her elder brother and sister, pastoring them with the truth about marital relationships and helping them. She even encouraged her mother to be integrated and to choose the Tree of Life way. As our spiritual daughter, Crystal has been pastored and supported. Now she shares this with her family. She has been used by God mightily and now she encounters God’s ascent.

Likewise, Esther, our Youth Army co-worker has also experienced an ascent. She was a little sister in her family – quiet, and hardly expressed her feelings. However, she turned rebellious and even left the church, making her father who was a pastor worried. Thank God for bringing her under the Tree of Life to be pastored and healed. Now that she has grown up and is no longer a little sister, she is able to actively express her love to her older generation. As she took the courage to admit openly to her father her need to be embraced and then embraced her father, she experienced healing deeply and has become free. She is able to express her love for her husband and spiritual children freely and her life and her relationship with people are ascending. Her ascent is actually reflecting mine. Her father was once my pastor and I had heard of his love and heart for his daughter in his preaching. He was deeply worried seeing her drifting further and further away. But now God has brought Esther back to His house, to be blessed by her father and equipped and edified in our Bible School and to become one of our youth pastors. I am grateful to see her relationship with her father better and better and she is now able to take care of her parents.

These two spiritual daughters were once distant from their families and have now become core members of their families and are exercising the Tree of Life influence to become blessings to them. I believe that their family members will continue to bless more and more people.

In this Lunar New Year, in the name of the Lord, may I bless all brothers and sisters to ascend in every aspect in Ascending 2023, especially in family relationships. May your parents be pleased to see you, may your children be proud of you and may you bless the next generations with discipleship and influence! May God bless everyone with health and peace! Amen!■【2023.01.29】

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