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Ascending with God and Having Breakthroughs

“Ascending 2023″–during the first theme message of the New Year, the Holy Spirit has brought us many breakthroughs. We are utterly amazed. God is truly ascending to be the King in our midst!

From Pleasant 2016 when Psalm 16 was preached, I preached a psalm for the theme of every year in order. However, it was different this year – we did not read Psalm 23 as expected. Furthermore, three pastors co-preached the New Year message. It’s truly a brand-new beginning.

Five years have passed since I received the vision of Planting Trees of Life Everywhere in 52 Years in 2018, which means 47 years left. Hence I received Psalm 47 to be the theme scripture for this year. However, I was exhausted after visiting branch churches in Taiwan at the end of last year and the disciple retreat I led right after that. I was so exhausted that I fell sick, making me unable to preach the New Year message by myself. Naturally, I sought help from prophetess Pastor Deborah and teacher Pastor Jason. God has His will here. When we released the message together, each of us gave to the message – Jason shared his understanding of history and Pastor Deborah gave prophetic words, whereas I concluded. In this way, the truth was fully presented to the congregation, enabling them to go deep into the truth that the Lord ascends and reigns.

Another breakthrough was to have branch churches in 14 countries and regions and over 30 cities joining our real-time live stream. Churches in Uganda and Ghana in Africa even spent a huge sum on data connection, paying a high price to connect with us. There were also branch churches from Dubai, Hokkaido and Osaka of Japan, Australia, Thailand, Myanmar, India, the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan and so on. It’s the widest coverage of our live broadcast so far. God is establishing us and enabling us to have a global live broadcast in our first New Year service. The vision of planting trees of life is gradually coming into shape.

Furthermore, I was glad to see our teams working together freely and relaxingly. The worship team composed the song, “God Ascends”, and the dance team illustrated it, supported by the banner and trumpet teams. Then the priests carried the Ark of Covenant onto the stage to welcome God to be seated on the throne and release His authority in heaven and on earth. We cooperated closely and the collective anointing was so strong that the service was filled with God’s presence.

Finally, I led the congregation to spread out our arms like an eagle, with one wing we praise and praise; with another, we bless and bless. In 2023, may all of us be elevated higher and higher by God as He reigns all over the earth!■【2023.01.15】

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