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The Father of Many

Last month, I turned 68. Co-workers celebrated for me at the family breakfast meeting which was an absolute joy. To which I am pleased and grateful.

It has been more than twenty years since God called me back to Hong Kong from Vancouver to establish 611. All that time, C-Mo and I have been following God with a pure and simple heart. Moreover, we lead the whole congregation to follow. God has put in our heart love – a love for Him and for everyone. Hence we treat everyone with fatherly and motherly love, taking everyone as our own children.

God has raised me up to shepherd the flock and be the father of many, so I commit myself to love and build up each life He has entrusted to me. Lisa, one of our co-workers, grew up at a conventional church where she was grieved to see pastors leaving every three to four years. Then she was called to enter the 611 Leadership Institute and came to the Tree of Life with her family to be healed and transformed. She was like an orphan, lacking love and covering. Now she is a Levite mightily used by God and her marital relationship is getting more real and intimate. Her husband and her daughter often serve at God’s temple and the whole family are following God in love closely. As their father, I feel very content to see them more and more blessed.

Another co-worker Amie is also like a daughter to me. After finishing her degree, she was planning to go the U.S. But I advised her to stay as I knew it would be the best way out for her. Afterwards, I have given her help during her decision-making moments, telling her my ideas and suggestions, and encouraging her with God’s word. Thank God that she has received my love as a father and is willing to listen and submit. After so many years, her inner fear and sense of uncertainty have been lessened and she feels more and more secure and confident. I also love her husband Allen – who used to come to church but was deeply attached to the world, wanting to earn yet more. His life was without boundaries. Once, I challenged him, saying “You are really greedy.” Thank God that the Holy Spirit used me to speak out his worries and his heavy burden at heart was removed at once. All of a sudden he felt relieved and free, no longer bound by the world. Now he is also a Levite, serving God alongside his wife.

I am delighted to accompany, cover and remind my co-workers at important moments of their lives, so that they may be restored and grow in love. In this way, they may live out the unique Being created by God, satisfying God’s heart. Dear brothers and sisters, may God’s love raise us up to become fathers and mothers to shepherd the flock.■【2022.11.13】

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