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The Bride Who Triumphs

The birthday of Ruby, our disciple fell just before the third sermon on the “Song of Songs”. The timing was significant as she had just triumphed over a major sickness. The experience of her fighting alongside Lover Christ was exactly a real-life illustration of the theme of the Sunday message.

Three months ago, when Ruby’s husband Basil and her children were visiting family back in Canada, Ruby was suspected of having cancer in her breasts as well as the colon. She was greatly baffled but was hoping for God’s supernatural healing. She engaged in a real battle. Firstly, should she tell her family straightaway or wait till they come back? She simply held fast to God, in fact, she entrusted herself totally to the Lord when she had to decide whether to undergo operation.

After the 23-hour long surgery, she was hit with pain, exhaustion and menorrhagia. She could neither pray nor see any vision. There was sheer darkness before her eyes. At that very moment, the prayers of a group of brothers and sisters who loved her dearly became her shield. She truly experienced how she was redeemed by the love of the “daughters of Jerusalem”. Finally, in just seven days, she recovered and was discharged from the hospital.

The Sunday message told of Ruby’s life. The drama presented the life of the bride who was burning from within. She was flawless in the eyes of her Lover. Though her breasts and belly were covered with scars, she was altogether lovely in the eyes of Jesus, her Lover.

The bride is fighting not by herself, but in God’s presence. As she faces attack from darkness, God protects her so that she shall triumph. It’s not just on personal level, but also for churches. Before Sukkot, we enter Song of Songs in Sunday services and read the Book of Revelation during Morning Devotion. God is boosting our spirit and faith, taking us into prophetic revelation to mature our church.

In 2001, just before the establishment of 611, C-Mo suffered from menorrhagia. As a result, she could not bear biological children and was on the verge of death. However, God triumphed in the end. She now is a happy mother of many, nurturing Tree of Life churches. Today, God is also using Ruby to nurse the nations. Though she was attacked as C-Mo did, I believe that she will definitely recover. As the bride fights alongside her Lover, she shall doubtlessly triumph.

Dear brothers and sisters, the Lover purposes the birth of 611 and the planting Tree of Life everywhere. God shall indeed use us mightily. The battle is real yet the vision shall surely come to pass. Let us arise and become the bride who triumphs.■【2022.09.25】

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