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The Lover’s Invitation

Last Sunday, it was #the second sermon on Song of Songs. Peter and his wife Daisy, senior pastor of our Taipei branch church happened to be in Hong Kong. C-Mo was prompted to invite them to perform their life testimony through songs and dances. Their love story and marriage largely matched the Song of Songs; the congregation was able to understand the setting of the Song of songs better. How amazing was God’s leading!

Thirty-nine years ago in Taiwan, Peter successfully wooed the beautiful Daisy. Yet soon afterwards she emigrated to the U.S. with her family. However, he was unwilling to pay the price to commit to the relationship out of inferiority, and he stopped all correspondence with her. Though still missing her, he took no action, letting the love go away. On the other hand, Daisy took him as her partner for life. Boldly she broke through all hurdles and married Peter back in Taiwan. She even took him back to the U.S. and settled there.

However, their marriage was neither sweet nor romantic. Daisy worked very hard to make ends meet, hoping that they would lead a comfortable life. However, Peter was overwhelmed by his self-centeredness. Gradually he picked more and more on her, even ignoring her. She was totally heartbroken when he had affairs.

Their lives have allowed us to identify our relationship with God. Daisy has committed herself to their marriage, just like God, who loves us selflessly and prepares everything for us. When we stumble, He forgives us and pays the price for us. On the other hand, how Peter is indebted to Daisy, likewise the Church and Israel are ungrateful to God. And we also indulge in our own emotions and lives and do not respond to God. In the end, we have missed God’s love.

The love that God has for us is true. Though we are weak and have missed responding to Him so many times, the Holy Spirit is still leading us to wait on Him. Now God is taking us to a new flow in which we can feel strongly God’s presence in every Sunday service. Last Sunday, after the service, I saw clouds at dusk. Some were like angels flying down and those beneath were responding. At night I saw the moon under the bridge. It’s like God, our lover, was inviting us to walk with Him. So I wrote a poem for this, “Angels descending, the crescent moon shining, grapes blossoming, my Lover has come and invited me.” Believing our church will enter even a greater presence of God, I look forward to the wonderful leading of the Holy Spirit. [2022.09.011]

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