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Now Is the Time to Plant Everywhere!

Thank God for giving us fresh revelation on our 21st Anniversary, bringing our church to another level in Truth and letting us know that now is the time to plant Trees of Life everywhere!

During the church anniversary, I preached the message of Tree of Life, quoting Revelation 22. In the holy city, New Jerusalem, a river of water of life proceeds from the throne of God and of the Lamb and on either side of the river, is the Tree of Life. The Tree of Life is one but consists of numerous trees of life, standing firmly at the center of the city.

The bible verses are closely related to our church as we are located in Tsuen Wan as a Tree of Life and Tsuen Wan is the center of Hong Kong. Many years ago when I was wondering whether to lead the congregation of a thousand to move from North Point to Tsuen Wan, I did a three-day fasting. God said to me: “Tsuen Wan is the center of Hong Kong and I will lead you to establish a central church in Tsuen Wan.” So I announced the decision to move to Tsuen Wan that Sunday. That evening, there was a television program interviewing some members of the District Council of Tsuen Wan and they said that Tsuen Wan was the center of Hong Kong and would become the second “Central”. I knew that it was a confirmation from God.

When we moved here in 2007, the median household income of Tsuen Wan ranked 17th among the 18 districts. As we celebrated our 21st Anniversary, the latest data shows that Tsuen Wan has climbed up to 5th on the list. We see that God is blessing and using our church greatly. We as the Tree of Life have brought tremendous revival and transformation after being planted here.

God revealed to me at the last service of the 21st Anniversary that 21=7+7+7, so the days of the three seven-years had come to a close. In Revelation, the seven churches finally reached New Jerusalem in Chapter 22 after going through three “sevens” – seven seals, seven trumpets and seven bowls. The Tree of Life stood firmly at the center of the holy city while consisting of many tress of life. So, now it’s time for 611 Church to plant Tress of Life everywhere! Many people will come to this Tree of Life to receive nutrients and then reach out to become trees of life all over the earth to bring down healing and transformation.

In the global Bread of Life family, we were sent by Taipei BOL in 2001 to become the 61+1 (62nd) branch church. Today the family has grown tenfold to have a total of 629 branches. God is using the BOL family and we, as a member of the family, are also in the flow of the Holy Spirit to keep expanding God’s Kingdom.

May we prosper in the Spirit and be full of life, and continue to follow God closely in His Word and plant Trees of Life in all the earth!■【2022.05.22】

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