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In the Presence of God, Blessings Overflow

I am Tusiyah from the cell group of Corena. I want to testify to God’s extraordinary love for me personally. Before I came to worship at the 611 Indonesia church, I did not feel that the Holy Spirit was present in my life guiding me. I was full of worries and difficulties, especially in my finances. My heart was looking for a place, God’s house where I could feel the presence of the Holy Spirit. Finally, I came to 611 Indonesia church and found the strong presence of God and the Holy Spirit. I have learned a lot from the sermons and courses and am being mentored in a cell group.

Now my life is filled with God’s extraordinary blessings! In the past, I had difficulties providing for the needs of my families in Indonesia but God truly blesses my finances and I can even give a little bit of charity to other people on top of fulfilling my family needs. I find myself changed into a person who hungers and wants to grow and please God. I have got mentors, like spiritual mother, Kim, Corina, Afri, Yuli, and Edwin, they are good people and can lead me to continue to grow in Christ, to obey and be faithful in God. And I believe that Lord Jesus saved me to get me back to His bright path as God spoke to me and gave me this verse in Romans 10 verse 13: for “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.”

Thank you, Jesus! All glory to our Lord Jesus!

By sister TUSIYAH

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