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New Beginning for Tree of Life Community

Thank God that in September, we declared “a brand new beginning for heavens and earth” and since then, I have noticed that everything is being renewed. Last month, we ordained five pastors. Recently, our Tree of Life community has been moving into their new houses, entering a new beginning.

Susanna was ordained as pastor last month and she had already planned to move from the urban area where she had lived for many years to somewhere close to C-Mo and me. After the ordination, Susanna set her eyes on a house near my new house. She really felt that God was speaking to her when she found out the number of the carpark space outside the house was the same as the first four digits of her mobile number. But when Susanna talked with her family on the matter, they could not reach a consensus as they had different ideas in mind. At the end, the plan was put on hold.

But I greatly appreciate Susanna’s family: her dedication to follow and submit to God wholeheartedly is hard to come by. Her daughter really loves her and decides to make her mom’s dream come true despite her own concerns. Finally, out of her love for the family, Susanna decided to give up the idea of moving. Though she blamed herself, I really appreciate how the family loves each other, aiming to perfect each other.

God is a gracious God. Later on, three of them sought God and cried out to God together. As they put aside their stubbornness, God made a brand new flat available. It fulfils everyone’s expectation and is even closer to our house than the previous one. The fact is, God never intends for them to follow Him with great difficulty. Instead He has put everything in place and has chosen Susanna’s family so that they may follow God with us and accomplish the vision of planting Tree of Life everywhere.

Thank God that He is bringing the co-worker’s family one by one to one community gradually. I believe that God is bringing the whole Tree of Life community closer together including our abode. As we draw closer to each other, the co-workers’ relationship will be more closely-knitted. Our next generation will also have a closer relationship. Even our domestic helpers can get connected. In this way, we will turn into a community used by God. The Tree of Life is prospering even more.

Dear brothers and sisters, I truly believe that God will protect us in all aspects. The pandemic shall disappear suddenly just as prophesized by our prophet. Everything shall enter a brand new beginning. Let us continue to follow God closely. God’s blessings shall surely come to each one of us.■【2021.11.14】

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