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Connecting Japanese Churches — Osaka 611 BOL

After Sukkot and the 5th pastor ordination, Pastor Joshua and C-Mo took the time to connect with our Japanese branch churches via zoom, sharing precious nutrients with them.

We have reached 6th year of planting the church in Osaka. There are times we are anxious and hesitant. Other times, we struggle and may even be in conflicts. However, Ps Joshua and C-Mo care about us. It was nice to see each other’s faces in the zoom meeting. Ps Joshua and C-Mo affirmed us and encouraged us not to be impatient but continue to walk in the Tree of Life path. They urged us not to give up. As our spiritual mother and father, their words gave us joy and strength. We felt that we were revived again. We got spiritual nutrition and are re-charged in the spirit.

At first, the Tree of Life path may seem narrow, but as we walk on, it shall become wider. Therefore, we should not give up taking this Tree of Life path. Their teachings have touched our hearts, and hence we receive hope and encouragement. We thank Ps Joshua, C-Mo and God for giving us this opportunity.

Ps Izuru Miyazaki, Osaka 611 BOL

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