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Be a Bridge of the Truth

Last week, I taught expository preaching in the Bible School. Apart from the attending students and co-workers, through the thirty-three live-stream points around the globe, all our branch churches pastors were able to join online. I am grateful to see that. Every year, I insist to teach this class myself because it is a mission from God to me – I shall be like a bridge, preaching the Truth to the whole earth in order to lead people into the Truth.

The new house I moved in last month faces a sea where a bridge stands. It reminds me of the “Vision of Bridge” God gave me twenty-five years ago. It was a very difficult and lonely time for me pastoring a church in Vancouver. Having a deep longing for the Truth, I joined one-week expository preaching camp held by Pastor Paul Shum. One day, after dinner but before the sun set, I took a stroll outside the campsite. It was raining and I saw a trail by the hill. Walking along the trail, I found a wooden arch bridge which went toward the mountain on the opposite side. Under the bridge, it was a valley with a river, a very serene scene. Holding the Bible on one hand and an umbrella on the other, I strongly sensed the Presence of God there. Hence, I knelt on the top of the arch bridge and waited on God. There and then, God said to me, “You and your wife shall be a bridge – preaching for Me in Hong Kong and around the world. Thousands and millions shall hear you and you connect them with Me.”

Later on, I still participated in the expository preaching camp but that trail and bridge were nowhere to be found. Then I realized that I had entered into a vision where God appeared to me and called me to be a bridge. Twenty-five years have passed since God called me back to Hong Kong and now I have moved to a new house where I can see a bridge every day. These days, not only do I preach often, I also teach expository preaching class in the Bible School. God is real: the vision from Him has come to pass without me noticing.

Ever since I learned to preach, I have not stopped preaching the Truth. Now, I begin to comprehend the different levels in preaching. In the past, I strived to expound the Truth. Now not only do I expound the Truth, I also bring people into the Truth. The Truth is not merely a thought, it is a realm where preaching is supposed to take people in. By the Holy Spirit, people shall enter this realm in faith and connect with God. Recalling this “Vision of Bridge”, I come to know that God has been moulding me so that through preaching, I bring people to follow God and connect with Him. To this, I am greatly thankful.

Dear brothers and sisters, by the Holy Spirit, let us follow God and connect with Him in the Truth. God shall illuminate us by His Words so that we are satisfied in the spirit and filled with faith and hope amid adversity!■【2021.10.31】

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