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810102626528 God Reigns in Everything!

Last week, two typhoons hit Hong Kong, with typhoon no 8 hoisted. Amazingly, on October 10, in between two typhoons, we ordained five pastors and the wives of three male pastors to be C-Mos and laid hands on their children. Thankfully, God reigns forever. Truly this is the day the Lord has made.

Right before the Pastor Ordination, typhoon No. 8 was unexpectedly hoisted until late at night. Yet unexpectedly, the sun came out that afternoon and the Pastor Ordination was able to go ahead smoothly. The elderly parents of Basil, one of the newly-ordained pastors made it to the ceremony. God truly reigns in everything. Moreover, we realized afterward that the day also marked “Pastor Appreciation Day” as proposed in 1999 to honor church pastors by Focus On The Family. Indeed God is real.

I am well pleased and touched. God also reminded me that it had been 26 years since I was ordained in 1995 and I myself have ordained 26 disciples as pastors in the previous 611 BOL’s pastor ordinations. It is God’s encouragement and affirmation to me that in the previous 26 years being a pastor, I myself have ordained 26 of my disciples to be pastors. As 26 plus 26 equals 52, God is reminding me that to “Plant Trees of Life Everywhere in 52 Years” is to build up the lives of our disciples.

Soon after I received the vision of “Planting Trees of Life Everywhere in 52 Years” in 1998, the virus broke out throughout the whole world. I am well touched by many of my disciples who continue to follow me, disregarding the pandemic. God has taught me Himself that “Planting Trees of Life” does not necessarily mean that I have to fly all over the world to spread the gospel. Instead, I simply stay in Hong Kong, building up disciples and establishing more disciples to become pastors who shall pastor churches and serve the nations – learning from the model of Jesus. This is the way. God has in the past revealed to us the vision of “Planting Trees of Life Everywhere in 52 Years”. Now we have just experienced the affirmation of God through the code “810102626528”. Our hearts have been stirred and we shall continue to follow God zealously.

Dear brothers and sisters, the world situation is still hard, but we firmly believe that God reigns in everything. Let us follow God in faith, He is surely with us.■【2021.10.24】

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