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O Lord, give us a fervent heart that hungers for You!

Recently, we have been reading the life of two great prophets, Elijah and Elisha in the books of Kings. We are reminded that we must serve God with a fervent heart. Last Sunday, Pastor Ruby preached that we are to believe and follow till the end.

ANEW staff reflected and realized that we all started off with vision and passion. However, after serving the Lord for a while, we seemed to have lost focus and our hearts had gone cold. We became ministry-orientated, losing the joy of serving our God. By God’s Grace and His Spirit, we are revived – our love and hunger for God rekindled.

In that afternoon, the 5th Pastor Ordination Ceremony was held. Yes, we have decided to follow Jesus, there is no turning back. Let all nations follow Him with a fervent heart and a great longing!

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