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Discipleship in the Basketball Court

Thank God! Our basketball team has just won championship in Division One of the 24th Church Friendship Cup League. The whole team is extremely thrilled and greatly thankful.

Our basketball team has started weekly training and participated in match since we were at the North Point Pier. We enjoy it very much and are determined to glorify God in the basketball court as well as to disciple the younger generation.

Thank God for leading Cato to join 611 where he receives discipleship and becomes our basketball team coach. He had a very bad temper when I first met him in the basketball court. Often, he scolded team players in order to spur them on which created great tension in the team. In the recent years, his relationship with wife has made major breakthrough which brings great transformation to his life. As they have been discipled , they have learnt how to communicate well and enjoy relationship. Now Cato is of mild temper with a more positive mindset. He has learnt to appreciate the efforts of players and even begun to take care of their lives and needs.

Besides being a coach, Cato is also a shepherd today. He helps the youth who have great passion in basketball with different needs both inside and outside the basketball court. Through playing basketball, we win Cato and his family. Now, Cato wins the heart of many young people so that we may disciple children, youngsters and even the special treasure in the basketball court.

For the past few years, as our coach undergoes transformation, our team is growing too. The whole team puts a lot of effort in training and match with a clear goal and a set mind. Despite being the eldest player, I attend training every week. During the final match last week, I joined the game, grateful and delighted to make two 3-point shots. Surprisingly, the team was of greater excitement and joy than me. It showed that we were indeed of one heart. When we won the champion, we prayed together and gave glory to God. The players of the youth team also came to give us moral support. From generation after generation, inside and outside the basketball court, we live to be the Tree of Life – glorifying God and benefiting people.

Dear brothers and sisters, as a Tree of Life, that is how we should lead our lives –we disciple and influence others wherever we are. May I wish everyone a good health and we shall serve God until 120 year-old together!■【2021.10.10】

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