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Now Is a Brand New Beginning of Heaven and Earth

Thank God that we have been ministering God through the Morning Devotion over the past twenty years and the Holy Spirit has been providing us with fresh manna every day, leading 611 Church forward.

On August 13, the Holy Spirit revealed to us through Luke 24 in Morning Devotion: “It is a brand new beginning of heaven and earth now.”

In Luke 23, Jesus was crucified and there was darkness over all the earth. People were preparing to enter the Sabbath. In the Chinese Union version, right in Luke 24:1, it said, “the first day of the week”. The original Greek text says, the first day of “the Sabbath”. Jesus was crucified and buried on Friday afternoon and the Sabbath began from 6:00pm of that day until the third day, i.e., Sunday, which was the “first day of the Sabbath” in Luke 24:1. So Jesus resurrected on the first day of the Sabbath and that was a band new beginning of heaven and earth!

Under the revelation on the Fourth Commandment: “Keep the Sabbath”, the light on this verse to me was: the Sabbath is a new beginning. Beginning from the Sabbath, God is with us every day. He leads us in the breaking of bread, teaches us the Scriptures, and gives us the Holy Spirit so that we have the power to preach the Gospel to all nations. When we connect with God and rest with Him, He leads us into a brand new beginning.

Today the world is in turbulence and darkness covers the earth. However, hardship marks the eve of a new beginning. All we need is to rest under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and then we will be able to make breakthroughs and enter into abundance. For instance, we have had the brand new “Being Couples’ Camp”, which has brought lots of breakthroughs on the marital relationships of many MG leaders and co-workers. Our worship leaders have also broken through their set ideas and allowed the living water of the Holy Spirit to flow freely. There will also be reform of the Bible School, equipping God’s workers to be new wineskins. This is truly a brand new beginning of heaven and earth!

It will be Rosh Hashana of the Jewish Year 5782 next week, marking the beginning of the Jewish New Year, followed by Sukkot. C-Mo and I will be also moving out from the house we have lived in for twelve years into a new one, another confirmation that now is a brand new beginning. Dear brothers and sisters, at the beginning of the Jewish New Year, we are to re-align our lives with God – we confess sins and enter rest. God will surely lead us to overcome all difficulties. Let us receive the fresh living water of the Holy Spirit with a longing heart and enter into the brand new beginning of heaven and earth.■【2021.09.05】

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