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New Cycle, New Beginning, New Favor

Despite the social movement and turmoil brought by the pandemic last year, God looked after us and lifted us up, so that we witnessed much of His great work. Now as we are entering a new cycle, we will surely experience more of God’s Favor.

I remember taking two photos over two New Years, one was of the sunset at the Feast of Trumpets, which was the Jewish New Year. The other was of the sunrise, taken on my way to the Morning Devotion on the first day of Gregorian New Year. God is telling us that regardless of whether it is an individual or the entire church, whoever is following God, now is the beginning of a new cycle.

For the past twenty years, we have been following God. Despite social and economic turbulences, our church has grown to be stronger – seeing greater unity among brothers and sisters as well as better relationships among co-workers. In this new cycle, we are going higher level. As the sun goes up and down, every day is a new day. Take the power ministry of our church, for example, we have transformed healing and deliverance by the Fragrance of Tree of life: we do not conduct in-depth healing which takes a lot of time and energy. Instead, we lead the broken-hearted to the Tree of Life where they are healed.

There is also a new beginning for the Tree of Life Kindergarten – Over ninety percent of the kindergartens in Hong Kong face the problem of under-enrollment, yet our Tree of Life Kindergarten sees an increase by 50-60%! All teachers and staff are in the Tree of Life, having good relationships and embracing the vision of Tree of Life. The fragrance of the Tree of Life is spreading out of the kindergarten, blessing the students. When the situation gets tough, instead of being beaten down, we keep growing stronger and maturing which obviously is the favor of God.

In Chapter 21 of 1 Samuel, David received God’s favor in difficult circumstances. Amidst the distressing world situation which is terrifying, we may try to pursue a sense of security from the world. Just like Saul who strived to hold on to the people and the sheep and oxen and took valiant men unto him. On the contrary, in distress, David held on to God and experienced more of God’s favor. In predicament, he received the Bread of Presence and the sword of Goliath stored behind the ephod. Though he feigned himself mad in time of tribulation, he obtained even more God’s favor in Chapter 22. God brought men to him: firstly, 400 men who were in distress went to the cave of Adullam and they turned into men of valor. Then the prophet Gad and Abiathar, the great-grandson of the priest Eli also went to David. Therefore, as long as we follow God, the greater the difficulties we face, the greater the favor we shall obtain.

In my days of following God, I have been filled with and transformed by the Holy Spirit. God gives me visions and His words. Now many people who were once in distress have come to us – they faced marital issues and life problems. But gradually, everyone has become a Kingdom warrior and their families are blessed. May I encourage our branch churches and brothers and sisters to continue to follow God fearlessly. God will surely lead us and give us more and more of His favor!■【2021.04.18】

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