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Let Mercy Be Our Life

Thank God that the church’s “Mercy House” has officially launched! Under the leading of God, we will begin our third decade which marks a new milestone of our ministry.

As early as in 2001 when our 611 Church was first established, I was thinking about having a mercy ministry helping the underprivileged groups. It called for lots of manpower and resources, so we had to wait for God’s timing. The blueprint that God gave me then was becoming a centralized church first and from there, the ministry would have adequate resources to make it sound and long-lasting. Hence I have pondered this prompting in my heart for twenty years.

A church should focus on passing on life and the Truth through the Holy Spirit and I don’t want our church to become a social organization or orphanage shelter which goes around raising funds or looking for resources. In fact, government or voluntary organizations are providing similar services already. As our church is expanding and our congregation has reached nearly ten thousand people, we are able to reach the whole globe through online connections. So I encourage our co-workers participating in Mercy House to serve with their life and not to limit their horizon within the local boundary, instead they shall embrace the world.

Why do we start the Mercy House at this moment? Certainly, it has been the leading of God. Also, it is important to have the right person in the post. In the early days, Ken and Eunice joined 611 as they have a special-need kid. At that time we already had “Happy Angels” service and they served families with the same need there. Then the name was changed to “Joyful Angels” and the service was increased from one session to one on Saturday and one on Sunday.

The most crucial point is that our disciple Ms Joey Hui has been raised up. She used to be a Discipline Mistress of a secondary school that had many students with special needs. She had blessed many students and influenced the school. She told God that after working for fourteen years, she would serve full-time at the church. She has been in 611 for twenty years and has graduated from our Leadership Institute. After being trained up in the Youth Army for a period of time, now the time has come! We had called other people before and yet received no response, but she carries such burden and calling.

When we were trying to name this department, God said to us “Mercy House”. Recently God has reminded me of “Bethesda”, the original meaning of which is “House of Mercy”. Jesus performed His third miracle there. As our church is stepping into her third decade and starting the Bethesda ministry, many miracles will happen here. Hallelujah!

Dear brothers and sisters, Mercy House is neither a ministry nor providing any kinds of services for special-need people. It is manifesting the flow of life of Bethesda. We consider people coming to Mercy House as special treasures. They shall be healed under the Tree of Life. The leaves of the Tree of Life are for the healing of the nations. Let mercy be our life! ■【2021.03.07】

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