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Be the Generation Who Follows God

Thank God that on the first Sunday of 2021, all 611 branch churches will have online worship together, offering up to God our thanksgivings, worships, and prayers as well as entering the New Year together. Near the end of this year, we receive good news one after the other. God is real and He means what He says.

On Wednesday morning devotion, we read “Judges” Chapter 2 when God tells us to follow Him and not to be a generation who forsakes Him. “Judges” mentions how the Israelites falling into a vicious cycle – forsaking God, walking away from Him and doing evil things. This Wednesday marked the last week of 2020 to film the “Following God” program, which happened to be the 40th episode. The number 40 signifies one generation. The Scripture talks about the end of one generation and the beginning of another. I know that God is in our midst.

Here are two coincidences: firstly, due to the pandemic, we have begun filming online programs. As prompted by God, through the weekly program, “Following God”, we share with brothers and sisters how to follow God. It was most surprising to realize that we were filming the 40th episode this week, not 39th or the 41st episode, but just happened to be the 40th! The bible reminds us not to be a generation who does not know God; rather we are to be a generation who belongs to God. During the Feast of Trumpets this September, we proclaimed that we were entering into a new cycle, a new beginning.

Another coincidence was, we filmed “Following God” at a different place this Wednesday – the new flat we only just received the keys. On 28th April 2020, the cloud of God came down on my roof. The May that followed we viewed this new flat and received it in December. Then we filmed the 40th episode of “Following God” there.

The old house in Ting Kau we had lived in for 12 years was rented. Now we finally got a place of our own to settle down, what a new beginning. The living room of the new flat is bigger than the old one, able to accommodate all MG leaders. The balcony overlooks Tin Kau Bridge and Tsing Ma Bridge. Surely the fragrance of the Tree of Life will continue to spread out to the world from there. How thrilling it is!

Good news keeps pouring in. Our church has applied to take offering through credit card for many years, finally the bank gives us the approval. When we follow God, it does not mean that we will be spared from all pressure. Even though the world situation stays the same, by the Presence of God, our days go quickly. As long as we keep following God, His presence, blessings and revelations will follow us.

Dear brothers and sisters, as stated in the book of Joshua, no man shall be able to stand before Joshua. Yet in the book of Judges, when the Israelites turned away from God, they could no longer stand before their enemies. Therefore, the key of us being able to stand before our enemies lies merely on whether we follow God! As we enter 2021, may I bless everyone to have the heart of Joshua and become the Joshua generation. May God be with you all!•[2020.01.03]

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