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In God’s Presence, Enter the year 2021

In the blink of an eye, it will be the last Sunday of 2020. In hindsight, from 2019 till now, a lot has happened. Though it has been difficult, it went by very quickly. To me, God is always real and faithful, providing all that we need. Having encountered greatly of His presence, I have a much stronger sense of His presence.

This time last year, we were on a retreat with more than 80 MG leaders and their families on a cruise. It was fun and unforgettable, full of golden memories. Given the special offer from the cruise company which expired at the end of 2019, the journey was planned for the end of last year. Many of the cruise passengers came from China while quietly COVID-19 was spreading. It was all by God’s protection that we were totally unaffected amid such a dangerous situation.

The news of COVID-19 exploded two weeks after the cruise. A Japanese cruise ship was not allowed to dock due to mass infection on it. Yet not only did we disembark smoothly, but we also stayed safe and sound. We enjoyed ourselves very much on the cruise. C-Mo asked us to each prepare a pair of long socks so that we had a unique look and the socks were used for drawing gifts. In the afternoon of the New Year day, we played games and danced on the deck, laughing heartily. We delighted ourselves on the blessings of God who created the heavens and earth. Despite the lurking danger, God has been keeping us.

Looking back, Hong Kong has been facing the social movement since the second half of 2019. The cruise trip took place just before the pandemic broke out. It was a gift from God. In the past, we used to go on more expensive retreats. But this time the cruise was reasonably-priced and we had a great time. We were VIP to the cruise company who had made special arrangements for our activities. The Presence of God was strong throughout the trip.

Later on, the plague broke out, causing lockdown in China at some time. The pandemic has been fluctuating in Hong Kong this year. Now, there is a mutant COVID-19 going on in the United Kingdom. The global situation is critical but we are at peace and full of faith as God is leading us. I still remember that God visited me on the night of April 28 and a vertical bright cloud in the shape of an angel rested on the top of a tree branch outside my house. Then I asked God: “What do You want to tell me on this visit?”

Returning from Israel last summer, I received from God that the peace of Jerusalem would come upon us. God said to us: “Fear not, for I am with you!” Coming to the end of this year, our congregation and our branch churches have been kept in peace. Dear brothers and sisters, let us continue to follow God and experience how real He is. Together we enter the year 2021. As God is with us, He will surely help us and protect us.•[2020.12.27]

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